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Difference between Gold Plated and Solid Gold Jewerly

Difference between Gold Plated and Solid Gold Jewerly

Gold Plated vs. Solid Gold Jewelry

Have you been perusing our website and noticed that we have gold plated grillz and you’re not quite sure what that means? Are you wondering what the difference is between jewelry made of solid gold vs. gold plated? If you’ve ever wanted to know the distinction and how this would affect the quality, price and durability, then you should definitely continue reading this article.

Twenty-four carat gold jewelry is made of solid 100% pure gold. When a piece of jewelry is stamped with 24k you know that it is pure gold. The level of pure gold is measured according to the carat standard. The amount of gold in an item decreases as the number of carats decrease. Solid 14k and 18k gold jewelry contain mostly pure gold, will do have other metals mixed in, like copper in order to make the jewelry stronger and less likely to bend or scratch.

Pros & Cons of Jewelry Made of Solid Gold

Twenty-four carat solid gold jewelry pieces are soft and can easily bend and sustain dents. This is why solid gold is not usually a great choice when it comes to rings because the gold prongs and loop will loosen much faster than most other metals. However, jewelry that has been gold plated is much stronger than jewelry made of solid gold, which means gold-plated pieces can handle everyday abuse much better.

Anything made of solid gold, especially jewelry, is very expensive because it’s so valuable. Gold-plated jewelry is much less expensive than solid gold jewelry, but will hold up a lot better over the long term. The advantage solid gold jewelry has over gold-plated is that it will not tarnish since it is pure gold. When you have gold-plated jewelry, the metal beneath the surface will tarnish and come through to the surface causing discoloration, so it will need to be cleaned on a very regular basis to maintain its shine. 

Which Works Best For You, Solid Gold Or Gold-Plated Jewelry?

The decision as to which type of gold jewelry to buy depends on what it is that you’re looking for exactly. We can give you suggestions as to how this relates to gold teeth grillz, which happen to be extremely popular among the hip hop crowd these days. Gold teeth are custom made from a mold of the person’s teeth and mouth. Wearing a piece of jewelry on your teeth presents a unique challenge in maintaining the shape and strength of the jewelry. The mouth is naturally moist and certain acids from food can damage the gold tooth. In deciding whether solid gold teeth would be better than having 14k gold-plated teeth will depend on how long you intend to wear the grillz for and of course how much money you have to spend.

Solid gold teeth will give you a beautiful shiny smile and won’t ever decay. The problem is that the gold is extremely soft so that it will bend in your mouth over time. However, gold-plated grillz are much more sturdy. They’re also just as shiny because the surface is plated with gold. One disadvantage is that gold-plated teeth don’t tend to last as long as solid gold teeth because the metal beneath will tarnish over time. If you’re on a budget you can order gold-plated teeth that are premade for just $9.99. Solid gold teeth will cost you hundreds of dollars, so you can see that the premade gold-plated teeth are a real bargain. Order your teeth now at Rois D’or before we run out.

History of Gold Teeth and Gold Grillz

History of Gold Teeth and Gold Grillz

Gold Grillz & The Popularity Of Gold Teeth

Bright white teeth have always been an indication of good health and even status. But now, gold teeth are starting to signal the same things. Grillz play a big part in hip hop culture and always have. Rappers and hip hop artists started sporting grillz way back in the 1980s, but it became really popular in the mid-2000s.

Who Was The First To Make Grillz & What Are They Made From?

Eddie Plein of Eddie’s Gold Teeth is one of the main pioneers of this industry. He was the one who made gold teeth for Flavor Flav before he went on to make them for New York rappers Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap. Once he moved to Atlanta, he began designing more intricate grills for other famous rappers like Lil’ Jon, Goodie Mob, Ludacris and OutKast. Grillz come in a broad range of shapes and designs, usually made with gold or silver and a lot of them are set with cubic zirconia stones or even diamonds to give them that “iced out” look. Some grillz are for just a single tooth, like a cap, but they can be designed as a set for the upper and lower teeth.


Are Grillz Always Custom Made Or Do They Sell Affordable Ones As One-Size-Fits-All?

In years past, grillz came in standard sizes and your teeth were adjusted to fit, but today it is very common to have custom grillz made using dental molds so they will fit the wearer perfectly. They are typically made of solid gold, both yellow and white, rose gold or silver. By adjusting the composition of metal alloys, you can create a range of colors with different properties. For those who want more flash, cubic zirconia stones and/or diamonds can be added.

Paul Wall, a well-known rapper often wears diamond-encrusted grillz, which can cost up to $30,000. When Nelly released 2005s “Grillz,” he asked Paul Wall to collaborate and the exposure took this jewelry accessory to a whole new level. Many other rappers that commonly wear grillz are Jay Z, Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, T-Pain, Lil’ Jon, Soulja Boy, Lil’ Wayne and Diddy. Some female artists are beginning to catch the craze, like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus.


Athletes Are Now Wearing Gold Teeth & Grillz

Olympic gold-medal swimmer Ryan Lochte wore grillz at the London Games in 2012. Lochte paid Paul Wall $25,000 to design something spectacular so Wall created the American flag and iced it out with diamonds. This is one of the biggest trends in hip hop and a way for rappers to show their success with a lot of “ice.” This is not a trend that will fade away anytime soon.

How Are Grillz Actually Made?

How Are Grillz Actually Made?

How Are Grillz Actually Made?

Do you ever see grillz and wonder how they’re made? We can understand your curiosity so we’re happy to explain the steps that most wearers go through when having their grillz made. If you don’t need all the details, here’s a brief summary:

It takes 3 main steps for us to make custom grillz. First, we get dental impressions from the customer before pouring the molds for their teeth. And then, we cast the metal, which is usually gold, using a centrifuge with the lost-wax method. Lastly, we thoroughly clean the casting material and then polish the new grillz so they have a nice shine to them. If you want to know more about the process, then just continue on reading.

The Process of Molding Custom Made Grillz

To start the process of making your custom grillz, buy a mold kit and take dental impressions of your top and bottom teeth if you are getting grillz made for both. Normally, a dentist would do this for you, but with online retailers offering to make custom grillz, people are able to get the mold kits sent to their homes and make the impressions themselves. Once that’s done, the impressions are sent to the jeweler. Since your grill is going to be made using this impression, this must be done correctly. Since we get a lot of questions on how to do this, we produced a video to show you how to mold your grillz so you get them right.

Creating Molds Of Your Teeth

Once the impressions are made, dye stone has to be poured into the impression to make the mold that your grill is to be made from. From there your impression and tray get pressed against an oscillating machine as the dye stone is being poured into the mold. This avoids the formation of air bubbles and allows the dye stone to be evenly distributed throughout the impression.

Casting Your Molds

This is when things get exciting because you now get to look at your custom grillz for the first time. At this point the mold is made into a casting that has a wax lining using one of many professional techniques. One common way is to take a thick plastic sheet and soften it onto the mold before cutting it into the desired shape. Now they need to place wax tubes on both sides of the plastic, which is where the gold will be injected. The plastic is then encased in a type of casting material and then heated up until it becomes solid. When the casting material solidifies, the plastic is removed and gold gets poured right into the casting using the wax tubes. Then the casting is placed in a centrifuge to spin the gold so that it is evenly spread and there are no air bubbles. When that process is finally completed, you will have the beginnings of your gold grill.

Cleaning And Polishing Your Custom Grillz To A Shine

Once your grill comes out of the casting, there will be some excess gold that has to be sliced off and smoothed down so everything is flush with all the other teeth on your custom made gold grill. Then, the casting material remaining has to be cleaned up and polished so that your grill has a beautiful shine. This is done with a rough wheel working the casting material so it is shaved off your grill. At this point it will look pretty dull. The final step is to polish it to a brilliant shine. Using a spinning wheel and some wax, the grillz are repeatedly polished so they shine brighter and brighter. Once the grillz are brilliantly and perfectly shined, they’re now ready to be worn!

This is the process that a Jeweler will typically go through when making a solid grill. The cost goes up when the complexity of the design and process increases when various stones and/or diamonds are being used. If you want custom-made grillz, you would normally go into a shop to speak to a specialist, giving them a detailed explanation of exactly what you want. This is a long complicated process, and this is why professionals make grillz instead of someone in a small alley shop. For these to turn out right, very specialized tools and equipment is needed, along with talented and experienced craftsmen who take a lot of pride in what they do, like us. You don’t want to settle for some cheaply done custom grillz because you will be disappointed. Get your grillz from someone you trust who has thousands of happy customers!

Summary Of How Grillz Are Made


  1. Make Molds – Get dental impressions made of your teeth so the molds can be poured.
  2. Casting – Next the material, which is usually gold, is cast in a centrifuge with the lost-wax casting method being used.
  3. Polishing – Finally, the casting material is cleaned up and the grillz polished to a brilliant shine.

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How Much Is It Going To Cost Me To Get Grillz?

How Much Is It Going To Cost Me To Get Grillz?

How Much Is It Going To Cost Me To Get Grillz?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on our site. The problem is that we can’t throw out an exact price because there are so many variables that influence the cost. It depends on the kind of grill you want, the materials you choose, if there are any extras like fangs, open face, iced out and/or diamond cut. We are able to offer you a good idea based on the styles and materials that our customers most often choose.

If you’re looking for something affordable, our standard prices start out at $19.99 and go up from there to $59.00. But, if you want a custom set made with solid gold, you could end up spending $200 on the low end, all the way up to $1,800 or more.

Why Are the Prices so Variable?

To put it simply, it depends on the materials used and the complexity of the design. Grillz made of very exotic materials cost more, and the more complex the design, the longer it takes to make them, and this just adds to the cost.

For example, the most expensive custom-made grill cost $163,411 because it’s made of 24k pure gold, encrusted with 160 diamonds. The dentist that made this set in Dubai had the clarity and authenticity of the diamonds assessed by the highly renowned World Diamond Institute.

If your budget does not extend into the thousands, we can offer you grillz made of stainless steel on the inside and gold plated on the outside. These start at $19.99 and will give you the same look as solid gold at an incredibly low price!

Most Popular Styles & Materials for Grillz Today

While perusing our product line, are you having trouble deciding? Most people have an idea of what style they want, but if you’re not sure and want to others are wearing or if you need some inspiration, we’re happy to discuss some of today’s most popular items.

Our most widely known and popular items are the solid style grillz because they are timeless in their appeal, with clean simple aesthetics.

Our second most popular style would be the iced out grillz. We have premade CZ grillz that look spectacular without costing a fortune, while our custom fitted iced out grillz are ideal for those wanting iced out grillz in 10k, 14k or 18k. These grillz are perfect for people wanting a nice shiny smile.


Would Solid Style Grillz Look Best on Me?

If you prefer something classic, but still want some shine in your mouth, then solid style grillz might be the answer for you. These make a great accessory to almost any outfit.

If your budget is tight, our premade grillz would be a good choice as you get a lot of shine at a low price. You can have 18k gold plated on the surface over a grill made of stainless steel on the inside. These look great and will def make you stand out.  

What About Iced Out Grillz?

Another big favorite is our iced out grillz. Each grill has AAA grade CZ stones, which make for a great shine at an unbeatable price. These are among our best selling items.

If you want people to notice your smile, these will definitely get you the attention you’re seeking. They look great, but at the same time they’re very durable. The starting price is $29.99, which makes them our best bargain in iced out grillz.

They have solid 18k gold plating over a core of stainless steel, so they shine like a real gold grill and should last you many years, if you take proper care of them.

If you are interested in upgrading to something more expensive that will last you a lifetime, then consider getting a custom fitted set of grillz. These can be iced out as well, just like we do with our CZ grillz. The only difference with these is that instead of a stainless steel core plated with real gold, you would be getting solid gold grillz in 10k, 14k or 18k. These will definitely last you a lifetime if you take good care of them by cleaning them frequently like you do your other jewelry. While they sell for a lot more money, having the piece of mind that these grillz will last forever makes them worth it.