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Get beautifully fitted custom grillz to transform your smile starting at just $150. We have many different options at our online store including grillz in 10K, 14K, and 18K white or yellow gold. We have top and bottom grillz in many different styles, including the traditional solid look, open face, diamond cuts, deep cuts, iced out, fangz and more. Ordering couldn’t be easier! Just make an impression of your teeth using our mold kit, choose the style you want and once we receive your order and your impression we’ll begin working on your custom grillz. As soon as they’re done, we’ll ship them off to you. 

Gold teeth have been trending for decades and now the hip-hop generation has embraced them. For the most part gold teeth have traditionally been quite expensive because gold slugs are usually made out of solid gold and require a number of complicated procedures to create. Fortunately, Rois D'or has found a simpler way to cast the molds and easier materials to work with. We’ve taken this popular luxury item and turned it into an affordable yet top quality accessory that people can enjoy in their everyday lives!

The process of making gold grillz requires several different steps. Although we do have one-size-fits-all options, most people prefer custom-fit grillz. The first thing that is needed is to have molds made of both your top and bottom teeth. You can use our home kit for this, or you can see a dentist or jeweler who can help make a mold of your teeth. Once your mold is made, it must be cast.

Typically, people see a dental professional or a jeweler who specializes in this to make their mold. They will most likely pour dye stone into the mold to make the impression. Before casting the mold, a wax lining is placed on the mold to allow the gold to be poured directly into the mold before it goes into the casting machine. From there, the machine does all the work to create an amazing solid gold grill. The gold is going to be exposed to fire while it’s in the casting machine, which means it will emerge hot and rough.

Once it’s cooled down, each tooth will have to be carefully smoothed down, the corners rounded and polished. No one wants to risk cutting the inside of his or her mouth. You should tell whoever is making your grillz what your preference is for smoothing down and polishing. It is very important that you take good care of your grillz. Do not wear them while eating or sleeping, brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain good dental hygiene and keep your grillz clean so that bacteria won’t build up.

This is a very tedious and complex process so it’s not surprising that most people just assume they can’t afford to have custom grillz made just for them. But by ordering through Rois D'or, you too can get your own amazing set of custom-made grillz without all the hassle. We are the type of company that takes our craft very seriously, that wants to make it easy for people like you to get the smile you want, and at a price you can afford. Are you wondering how we’re able to do this? Just keep reading.

Rois D'or is able to offer the least expensive grillz because with us you do not have to have your dental molds sent to a specialist. With us the ordering process is as seamless as it gets. All we ask is that you order our molding kit, send us your teeth impressions, and we take it from there, custom making your grillz in the style you choose. You can choose 10K, 14K or 18K white or yellow gold in styles that include solid gold, iced out, fangs, open face and many other options, enough to suit everyone’s wants and needs.

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! Our prices start at just $150. Your custom-fit grillz will not cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Our top priority is quality so you will finally have the grill you’ve always dreamed of. We have many testimonials praising our product and services. We will not disappoint you. If you’ve been on the lookout for quality grillz at an affordable price, you can stop searching. Why wait? Order your set of custom-made grillz now!