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There are different aspects to fashion and today, grillz have become a classic staple in hip hop fashion. So what exactly are grillz for your teeth all about? If you are keen on getting the right answer to this then you will find the next few lines of interest. They are referred to as gold slugs, gold fronts and even gold caps. They are certainly the new craze as far as hip hop fashion jewelry is concerned. The reason why Rois D'or is different is because we offer grillz for your teeth that come both readymade and/or customized to your teeth. We offer custom fit grillz for teeth that come with a silicone mold impression and one size fits most grillz, which are premade.  However, for many, cost is an inhibiting factor. But when you choose us for your requirement of getting custom fitted grillz, or any grill, you can be sure you found the right place for your teeth. What once costed thousands of dollars, you now have the chance of getting the best gold caps at the most affordable prices. 

Why We Are Different?

Rois D'or is different because we have a range of custom gold grillz styles and have an enviable track record of offering the best quality gold teeth grillz at the most competitive rates. We have grillz for teeth to suit all budgets and lifestyles. When it comes to cheap and high-quality gold grillz, Rois D'or is the single stop solution. The reason why we are so popular is because each grill is made and created out of precious metals including .925 sterling silver, jewelers brass, or stainless steel which are then plated with real gold, rose gold, black gold, or rhodium. We have grillz available in all different types and styles and can offer ranges of diamond cuts, diamond grillz, solid gold, fanged teeth, fang grillz, gold fang grillz, vampire grillz, iced out variants and also the widest collection of single/double tooth caps. 

We also are famous for our custom gold grillz impressions which are gold teeth made from real gold.  After your purchase, we end up shipping you a mold kit for an impression of your grill. Follow the detailed instructions on creating your unique grill impression and ship back the mold to the specified address. Once we receive the mold, we will start our work on it. We take great pains to ensure that all our grillz come with the best quality for your grill. Once we are finished, we will ship back the finished custom grill to you.  

FYI, we are also in a position to offer custom styles. Whether it is iced out diamond grillz sets or single tooth options, you can rest assure that you will get nothing but the best from us. The fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune for our grillz is reason enough that our customers come back to us as repeat customers.

What Makes Our Premade Grillz So Special

We are different from others when it comes to offering grillz for your teeth because of some obvious reasons. We believe in offering the highest quality of grills which are easy to wear and easy to remove. Our main objective at Rois D'or is in offering the best of grillz and at the same time, the best quality to look like a million bucks. People will begin to confuse you for a well-known hip hop artist before you know it 

Overtime, we have become a very trustworthy organization because when you choose Rois D'or, you can be sure that you will have the best quality molds for the best grillz look. This will go a long way in making your grills fit perfectly even if they aren’t custom. We make sure our grillz come with prongs which support the back of your teeth to hold the molding and grill in place. Once the kit has been received by you, there are a few things which you must do. You must ensure that the grillz for your teeth are manipulated and the prongs on the back are adjusted so that they fit perfectly into your mouth. 

Once this has been done you must take steps to ensure that the grillz teeth are made to fit in a silicone molding at the opening. Then the grillz must be placed into the semi boiling water. You must let the grillz steep in hot water for around 15 seconds. Then you must carefully remove the grillz and allow it to cool. Once it has reached a suitable temperature, you must place the grillz in your mouth and make your impression. This will form an impression into the silicone molding. The mold of the grillz teeth should be allowed to set. Once this is finished, your premade grillz will be finished and ready to wear. Just be sure that these premade grillz are not to be worn while eating, drinking, sleeping, or smoking!

Do you offer open face grillz, gold fang grillz, diamond grillz, and iced out grillz?

Absolutely, we have simply perfected the art and craft to always make a perfect grill for our customer’s needs. The best of materials have been used for making these teeth grillz and with our quality semi-precious metals, our grills are made special.  They can be used using either .0925 sterling silver, stainless steel, and jewelers brass just to name a few. Furthermore, the teeth grillz are plated with real gold, black gold, and rose gold or rhodium. You will not be able to make the difference between gold plated grillz and actual gold teeth grills. We offer grillz for your teeth that are iced out using quality crystals and cubic zirconia. They are not visible to the naked eye and would look like diamond when seeing the glisten from the CZ. Without paying big money, you can get some real diamond grillz which look like as though they are made from diamonds.

Why Buy From Rois D'or?

We ensure that each component of our grills are uniquely crafted and carefully finished. Irrespective of the type of grillz teeth you buy, customers can be sure that they are getting the best quality product for the best price. We have the experience to make the best grillz for any budget and style. Since all the grillz that we make are premade there is no need to spend money on dental molds and for creating impressions. You are basically avoiding the middle men when you buy our grillz for teeth. We never compromise on our quality. When we look at our competitors, we can confidently claim that our teeth grills offer the best value for your money. If you are still not sure, please visit our website and get to know more about us.