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FAQ's for if you want Grillz for Teeth.

Rois D'or- Our Mission is to provide a quick and easy hip hop jewelry shopping experience. We offer tons of great products at great prices and 100% FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 in the USA. Why pay more?

Are you guys legit?

If by "legit" you mean "a real company", then yes. Rois D'or is a real company conducting business from Los Angeles, CA. If you would like to know more, you can always get in touch with us by email. 

What kind of quality can I expect?

Great quality! We offer high quality hip hop fashion jewelry pieces that are unique, hot, in-demand and affordable. If for any reason, you don't your online purchase was an amazing deal, we will gladly accept your return with 30 days, grillz excluded - due to the nature of the product (mouth jewelry). Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Join our thousands of satisfied customers. Now its your turn. Indulge in our selection and get yo' bling on!

Are your products made of real gold and silver?

Our hip hop fashion jewelry may look like real gold pieces, but they are NOT real gold jewelry. Depending on the piece, costume jewelry consist of a gold or silver plating, rhodium plating, or a gold or silver tone finish that is applied to base metal. Some of our offering may include real 925 sterling silver - check the description. Our gold plated jewelry is made with a base metal ( e.g. brass) that has a very thin layer of gold over it. When purchasing any gold plated jewelry, keep in mind that the gold plating is nothing more that a coloring (think aesthetic value) - there is virtually no value to the gold applied, irregardless if its 14k, 18k, or 24k. Gold plated jewelry can look and feel like a real solid gold piece, but at a fraction of the cost to you. Shop smart!

Will your fashion jewelry fade?

The short answer is "yes" - please don't expect fashion jewelry to last forever. Fashion Jewelry can be an affordable and sensible alternative to expensive real jewelry. Depending on often you wear it, gold plated jewelry can last years. However, if you wear the jewelry on a daily basis over bare skin, work out with your jewelry, swim with it, shower with it and you don't clean the jewelry, don't expect the plating to last very long at all. The type of jewelry and how it is worn will affect how long it will last. A jewelry piece that is worn on bare skin or inside your mouth (such as grillz) will wear off quicker than one worn over clothing (such as chains). Cleaning the jewelry regularly and storing it in an airtight container is helpful to maximize the life of the jewelry. However, even with proper maintenance, all gold plated and gold tone jewelry eventually discolors and will show the base metal underneath. Only real gold jewelry will never fade. 

Why buy grillz here?

Great question, You want to make the right choice when shopping for gold plated grills. Rest assured, when your order our grillz, you will be receiving a realistic looking mouth piece at a price that hard to beat. Our stones shine bright and our grillz steal the show. We use high quality silicone molding bars so the grills stay on secure. Most of our grilllz are gold plated or rhodium plated over brass for that dazzling shine that our customers love. When your order from us, your package is shipped quickly, usually within 24hrs. And as always, you get 100% FREE shipping in the USA. If you ever have questions, you can reach us at and we will try to respond within 24-48hrs. 

How old do I have to be to wear grills?

Grillz are made to fit an average adult size mouth, so you should be 18+ to wear our grillz. 

Can I wear grillz with braces or dentures?

No, our grillz are not designed to work with dental braces or denture of any kind. Please do not try to wear grillz over braces or denture under any circumstances. 

How do I fit my grillz?

We specialize in affordable teeth grills that are designed to fit your average adult size mouth. You do not need any special tools or equipment. All our grillz come with a premium quality silicone molding bar. The molding bar is a silicone piece that softens in hot water and harden when back at room temperature. Simply heat the grillz with molding bar in hot water (165F-175F), then place grills and silicone molding on teeth. Let the grillz with molding bar harden as it cools down and in just minutes you got a custom fit grill. If you don't get the right fit on your first attempt, simply reheat the grills with the silicone molding to refit the grillz. All grillz come with illustrated grills instruction. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email us at

Mail Delivery

Approximately 97%-98% of Priority Mail gets delivered within 2-3 business days after package is mailed. However, USPS Priority Mail remains a non-guaranteed service. The United States Postal Service and Rois D'or do not provide a money back-guarantee if items sent via priority mail fail to arrive by the expected delivery date. 

Lost, Stolen, Misdirected Mail

We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or misdirected packages. Please make sure that you provide your accurate address to avoid any shipping issues. Don't forget to include your apt. number, in applicable. If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect address provided, you will have the option of a refund or we can re-ship the product to you for a nominal shipping fee. 




Jewelry Maintenance

Plated Jewelry is much more delicate than pure metals. Clean the jewelry periodically with a damp cloth by wiping it gently, but not rubbing it. Do not use a dripping wet cloth. Use a clean towel to dry. Do not use any cleaning solvents to clean any plated jewelry. The plating can fade quickly if you use chemicals. Grills should be rinsed under cold water and dried with a soft cloth after each use and store. Do not eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth with the grillz on. 


Keep the jewelry away from chemicals. Many common household chemicals such as hairspray, cologne, perfume, and skin care products will damage and discolor the plating. 


Plated jewelry is especially sensitive to moisture. Do not wear plated jewelry when showering, swimming, working out, playing sports, or are engaged in any strenuous physical activity that will cause you to sweat. In the event of any contact with moisture, immediately dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. 


When not in use, store your fashion jewelry in an sealed container such as a plastic container with a tight lid or an airtight zip baggie. the air can oxidize the finished and tarnish the fashion jewelry if exposed for extended periods. 


Certain Medication, such as blood pressure and diabetes, can cause the plating to fade quicker, especially with rose gold plated jewelry.

Personal PH Level

Depending on diet, some people are more acidic than others. Chemicals perspire through the pores can cause the fashion jewelry to turn and tarnish. Some people sweat more than others, therefore premature fading can occur with these certain individuals.